Marc Delorme’s documentary work has focused primarily on social/environmental issues in Hawaii and the Pacific.  Some of his productions are listed below.


French in Hawaii (30 min.) (2013) (DVD) The director’s cut features the six French-speaking Hawaii residents interviewed for the original film. This cut focuses on their relationship to the French culture and language. With Iggy Jang, Jeanne Moua Larsen, Christian Veillet, Malika Dudley, Chef Mavrothalassitis and Patricia Lee.

French in Hawaii: Alliance Française Turns Fifty (54 min.) (2012) (TV) Premiered on FOX affiliate KHON, documents the history of the institution and explores the use of French as a subculture in Hawaii.

The Graying of Hawaii (56 min.) (2009) (TV- PBS Hawaii) Investigates Hawaii’s long-term care crisis, family caregiving and the concept of  “aging-in-place.”

Hawaii Brownfields (27 min.) (2005) (DVD) Examines re-developmental issues related to properties with a low-level chemical contamination (Brownfields) in Hawaii.

Chemical Emergency Preparedness (30 min.) (2000) Illustrates chemical emergency response operations including hazard evaluation, spill containment, and incident management (for Thailand University Consortium on Environmental Management.)

Anne K. Landgraf, Photography’s Digital Revolution, Sebastiao Salgado (30 min.) (1997) (TV-KHET-Spectrum Hawaii Series) Explores the work of fine-art photographers Anne K. Landgraf, Sebastiao Salgado and the arrival of digital photography in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin newsroom.

In a Different Light (79 min.) (1995) (TV) Against a background of selected images, five Hawaii based fine-art photographers explain their work. With Anne Kapulani Landgraf, F.L. Morris, Gaye Chan, Wayne Levin and Renee Iijima.

Hawaiian Sovereignty, Ke Ea Explained (105 min.) (1993) (TV) Kekuni Blaisdell, Mililani Trask and Hayden Burgess discuss Hawaiian Sovereignty.

Condominiums: The Politics of Leasehold (60 min.) (1992) (TV) Looks at the residential leasehold controversy as it evolved in Hawaii during the early 90s.